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Are you interested in Radio Advertising for the Sioux Falls area? 

Or are you looking to attract a consistent flow of new, profitable customers? 

If you work with me at Results Radio Townsquare Media, they are one in the same.  Basically, you’re here because you’d like to promote a message to a whole bunch of people.  Right?

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Do you know what can make ANY advertising a good investment or a bad investment?  

It’s what you SAY in that message.  It’s the WORDS you use.  It’s the EMOTIONS that you stir.  I don’t care if you place your advertising on the #1 TV show… or the highest visibility billboard… or the most trafficked website… or the biggest radio station around…

…if the message you craft doesn’t cut the mustard, then you’ll be very disappointed.

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What’s the next step?  Let’s discuss your situation.  

After that, I can start formulating a smart and strategic plan to help you stand out from your competition. Wouldn’t that be nice? Causing people who have never done business with you to like and trust YOU more than your competitors?  

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This “strategic plan” I speak of takes a little time to construct.  It takes some THINKING time.  I’d estimate that for most of my long-term radio clients (who advertise month-in and month-out)… it probably took between 2 and 4 weeks to develop the first good advertising strategy.  

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If you’d like to learn a bit more about radio advertising and find a few zesty marketing tips, then visit the blog page and do a little searching around.  

If you’d rather just reach out to me to set up a meeting, here’s how you can do that…

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