Some dude named Tim Miles

Tim Miles visited Results Radio the other day from Missouri.

Who the heck is Tim Miles and why would you care?

Tim Miles is another example of the ongoing training we receive here.  Training to learn more about helping local businesses attract great new customers.  Tim shed some new light on many topics.  His presentation style was unpredictable and filled with dramatic pauses…just like a good radio ad.  He was surprised at how ADVANCED we are at Results (his words, not mine).

But how does that help a good local business owner like you?  I would sum it up like this –

Advanced radio and copywriting skills…produces advanced advertising results.

Helping you grow and reach your goals with cost-effective radio advertising is my passion.  It makes you feel good when that is accomplished, and it makes me feel pretty freakin’ groovy as well!

Tim Miles is a Wizard of Ads partner.  He shared with us an “equation” that I was also exposed to years ago in Austin, Texas, at the Wizard of Ads Academy.  I know.  Funny name for a school.  But the name says it all (they’re not kidding about being wizards of ads).  Some might call this equation a formula…except it’s not a formula.  Roy Williams calls it a “statement of relationship”.  Here’s Roy Williams’ “Advertising Performance Equation”

Share of Voice x IQ = Share of Mind

Share of Mind x PEF = Share of Market

Share of Market x MPo = Sales Volume

So…   SoV x IQ x PEF x MPo = Sales Volume


SoV = Share of Voice

IQ = Impact Quotient

PEF = Personal Experience Factor

MPo = Market Potential

Phew!  That’s a mouthful. I know what all of this means and how it can help you in your business journeys.  Let’s have coffee some day.  🙂

Duane Christensen

Results Radio

Sioux Falls


Thank you Tim Miles.  You rocked the house and I would highly recommend that any radio group around the country should hire you and then buckle up and listen closely.  And thank you Roy Williams (the Wizard of Ads).  Both Tim and Roy are partially responsible for lighting my brain on fire and helping me realize my passion.