The Boy, the Cow, and the Doc

The vet said that he’d have to do a C-Section on her.  She was one of Dad’s cows.  She was big, black, beautiful, and had sad eyes.  She was in pain.  The vet shaved the side of her belly, scrubbed it with brown iodine or something, drew a line, gave her a few shots, and then said, “You wanna help me?”

What!?  I was terrified.  But I wanted to be brave.  He gave me the scalpel and took my hand.  We made the first incision all the way down.  And then another few incisions to get through all the layers of thick tissue.  There was her calf!  Holy $%&*^#!!!  He said, “Let’s get this mama’s bundle of joy out of here.”  We reached in, grabbed hold, and gently pulled this slimy little thing out.  Doc said, “It’s a boy!”

He grabbed a piece of straw and ran it up the calf’s nose to get him to snort and start breathing.  Then, I even got to make a few stitches when Doc was sewing “Mama” back up.  Wow!  I couldn’t believe what I had helped do!  I was about 6 years old.  That was the end of my fear of trying new things and taking leaps of faith here and there.

The first time a business owner takes a chance by doing something that’s never been done in the industry…it’s scary.  But then people respond to it in great numbers.  Hallelujah!  And the next big idea isn’t so scary.  And the next is not even scary at all – just exciting.  It feels like a weight has been lifted.  You get used to not waiting to see what your competitors are doing.  They wonder what YOU are doing.  They wait for you to try something new.  But by the time they try to catch up…it’s too late.  You’re already halfway through planning your next big idea.

If you’re not taking any chances with your business…you’ll slowly fade deeper into mediocrity.  If you’re OK with mediocrity (or worse), then keep running your business the same way.  Keep marketing timidly.  That’s what your competitors want you to do.

If I would have shied away from Doc’s invitation…would I be a different person today?  I think I would be.  Would I be as open to change and to learning new things?  Probably not.

Let’s take a few strategic chances that can’t guarantee you anything…  THAT is where the big rewards are hiding.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

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