Marketing. What the heck IS marketing?

The marketing pro Jack Trout that wrote the book “Positioning” said something like, “Marketing is just taking your product or service to the marketplace and trying to make a few bucks.”

Which is exactly true.

“I’ve got this THING here…and I’d like people to buy it.  Now what?”

Well, you’ve got to tell people.  Think of all the ways there are to market your business.  Spam, pop-ups, in your face on the strip, signs, facebook, fliers on windshields, telemarketing, tattoos of canaries, sky writers, blogs, keychains, pens, dress up as the Statue of Liberty and wave to traffic, yada yada yada.  It’s endless.

Choices.  What are you supposed to do with too many choices?  You can nickel and dime yourself to death with marketing tactics.  $100 here, $295 there, $40 there, throw in $2500 quarterly, maybe a $9500 website you overpaid for, etc.  Pretty soon you’ve spent 40-grand on “marketing” and you have nothing to show for it.

I’ve got a better way.  Find an advertising person that has your best interest at heart.  How will you know?  They’ll say things that nobody has ever said to you before.  They’ll ask questions that make you think.  And they won’t bombard you with circulation numbers, bar graphs, or demographics.

How do you market?  Do you have somebody you can ask advice of in all areas of marketing?  Or do you only know marketing people that try to sell you something at every encounter?

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

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