Is there such a thing as GREAT advertising?

Pretend you’re at a networking event. And to introduce yourself, you have to say your name, followed by your advertising slogan (or a version of it). For example:

“Hi, I’m John Smith, when quality counts.”

“Hi, I’m Jenny Johnson, we’re people you can trust.”

“Hi, I’m Lenny Doonesbury, you belong with us.”

Those don’t really get you pumped up to learn more about them do they? But that’s the kind of drivel that’s used in advertising every day!

You want to use slogans and words in your advertising that create intrigue. Or that says something about you that nobody else could claim. Or hits an emotional hot button.

How about some BETTER examples:

“Hi, I’m Derek, we give you back your summer.”  (It makes you want to know HOW he can do that.)

“Hi, I’m Pete, I make taste buds do a jig.”  (Tell me you don’t want to know more about the food Pete creates.)

“Hi, I’m Angie, I help people wake up with more energy.”  (The majority of people would LOVE that! The person Angie said that to, raised their eyebrows about an inch.)

The goal of any communication with the public should be for SOMETHING to happen. Boring, cliché, and predictable advertising makes nothing happen. Yes…nothing. You might believe your ho-hum, yawn-city advertising is making people “aware” of you. But bad advertising doesn’t create awareness. It doesn’t make people “aware” of you because nobody sticks with your ad long enough for them to care what you’re telling them.

When you say things in your advertising that make people pay attention, good things result. Will advertising make people act IMMEDIATELY? Will they buy something from you right now? Not necessarily. Not everyone needs what you’re offering right now. In fact, only one or two percent of the population probably needs what you’re selling at this moment in time. And how many competitors are going after that one or two percent?

So, here’s how GREAT advertising works…

Your advertisement should make your prospects that need you now…ACT (a very small percentage). And mentioning your business name, location, website, and phone number six times  in your ads, will NOT make that happen.

Your advertisement should also move people who don’t quite need you now…closer to actually buying from you. Your ad should help them trust you more. It should make them feel good about your company.

When your prospects are “touched” by another ad from you, and then another, and another…their feeling of trust should keep growing. And guess what happens over time? When they finally are in the market for your product or service…they think of YOU first. THAT is what GREAT advertising should do. GREAT advertising is a process, not an event.

Good advertising brings you new customers that need you NOW.

GREAT advertising brings you new customers consistently because they remember you when they need you.

GREAT advertising eliminates the need for promotions, gimmicks, and price reductions.

It’s not “make-believe”. YOU can have great advertising.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Results Radio Townsquare Media – Sioux Falls


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  1. fabulous blog entry, I’ll make sure to subscribe! I’m going in to the world of advertising myself so it’s great to hear such refreshing yet oh so true views on how advertising should be


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