The Best Golf Ball Whackers in the World Still Have Swing Coaches

The best golfers in the world still have swing coaches.

The best opera singers? Voice coaches.

And, when you start a small business, you’re advised to get coaches, too: retain a lawyer and an accountant immediately, right?

But your marketing? Your strategic planning? You can handle that on your own, right?

Maybe you can even get your spouse to help. He’s pretty creative.

I see it quite a bit. Either a Sioux Falls business owner handles the marketing, or even the spouse is often given that role. They think, “It can’t be that hard to get our name out there.” Sometimes the Office Manager is in charge of “marketing”. Or they hire a “marketing person” that has a bachelor’s in communication that was never taught how to make local advertising actually work for a small business.

If this seems at all familiar to you, then I may have touched a nerve.

So, what is a good marketing person? A “marketer” for a business is supposed to take a product or service to the public in the attempt to make a few bucks. But often, the marketing person knows nothing about advertising. They try this and try that. And in the end, they might figure out that some things work better than others, but they still haven’t found what REALLY works.

TELL ME if this sounds attractive to you or not –  What if people REMEMBERED you in their time of need for what you offer? What if you didn’t need to offer discounts and coupons in order to attract new customers?

Well…that’s what I do for local businesses in and around Sioux Falls. It’s not something that’s done overnight. It takes a lot of thought and research and “digging” to create the right message to attract new, profitable customers, consistently. But it doesn’t seem like work…because it’s what I love to do.

The next time you say to yourself, “I wish advertising worked better,” I’d like you to call me. There are businesses that are struggling all over the area. They’re trying anything and everything to attract one new customer who is probably the wrong customer that doesn’t give them any repeat business.

The radio group I work for has a different philosophy on advertising than what you’re used to hearing. And it’s a difference that tends to be working out pretty dang well for our small business clients.

A small business owner told me this the other day…

“I’m tired of being flat or down or barely squeaking out a profit year after year. You’re telling me that you can help me grow to where I want to be?”

I said, “Absolutely.”

IT MAY TAKE MORE than just advertising, but I’m here to help and advise and offer honest feedback in your quest for the growth and success you’re looking for.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Results Radio Townsquare Media – Sioux Falls


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If you have questions about the cost of radio advertising, which radio stations would be a good fit, or how to get started attracting more customers, don’t be afraid to ask. I like to help good businesses take a bigger slice of the Sioux Falls market.