I want to target people age 25 to 45

Want to know the secret of successful advertising? Read on.

Instead of telling your advertising person that you’d like to target people, age 25 to 45, consider this…

It’s not about the age of the person. It’s about:

The phase of life they’re in

The problems they have

The values they have

The things they’re passionate about

The things that irritate them

The emotion they feel when they think about your product or service

Trying to predict which advertising mediums can deliver 32-year-olds to you is a losing battle. And the advertising representative that says, “Yes, we have the perfect demographic for you” is most likely full of it. Unless it’s the direct mail company. They can give you a list of the exact demographics you want. But I’ll direct you back to the list. It’s not about age, it’s about connecting with your ideal prospect. “Connecting” meaning – talking to them about the things they really care about.

So, what’s the SECRET to attracting the new customers you seek? Share with them what you stand for…and you’ll attract those like-minded people. They’ll be happy to buy your product or service because of the “connection” they feel to you. They’ll feel that you understand them and that you’re “on their side”.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Results Radio Townsquare Media

Sioux Falls


I write ads, prepare radio schedules, create strategies for your ads (so you can stand out from your competition), give online and other marketing advice, and will keep your advertising fresh and new. I hear a lot of ads that air for 6 months or more before they’re changed out. That’s way way too long…and it’s not doing you any good. You have a lot of things you can share with the public that will help you become a trusted resource to them. Then they BUY. Let’s do that!

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