Crowbar Advertising

If you need to pry something open, sometimes it’s a big job, and you grab yourself a crowbar.

I had forgot how fun photo booths are.

Well, when it comes to your advertising, it needs to be LIKE A CROWBAR because our brains don’t just let anything in. All of us have a million things going on in our lives. We’re not just waiting around for your next boring advertisement. That’s where a GOOD radio campaign comes in.

RADIO ADS CAN BE USED LIKE A CROWBAR to open up a wedge into the public’s minds. Radio does this well because it’s uses the spoken word. What came first? The written word or the spoken word? What’s the most effective way to communicate with someone? Hand them a note or just talk to them? How about making a sales presentation – should you email the presentation or deliver it face-to-face with feeling and conviction? It’s the same with radio. Good radio is personal, versatile, emotional, and can tell a story that motivates like nothing else.

Your radio ads must be:

  • A little outrageous (or a lot)
  • Surprising
  • Unexpected
  • Emotionally driven
  • Strategic (with your competition in mind)
  • Bold
  • Truthful

Put all of that into your radio ads…and you’ve got yourself a great “crowbar” to help people remember you and do business with YOU.

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Duane Christensen

Results Radio Townsquare Media

Sioux Falls, SD