Sometimes you wanna pull your hair out!

It’s getting tougher and tougher to advertise effectively. Why? Because we’re constantly bombarded with ads. Everywhere. And your results aren’t as stellar as they once were. And there are about a Gazillion different PLACES to advertise. You’ve got ad people calling you and knocking down your door…and you don’t even know what they’re talking about. Speak in English please. Not in that analytic, SEO, text mobile web platform, cost per point, weekly cume, something-or-other garbage.

Sometimes…you just want to pull your hair out!

So…how is advertising still rockin’ it for some businesses? Trust me, it’s not working for everyone. But it IS working for those that have some guts. And that are open to doing things a bit differently. And oh…they’re also the ones that know a good STORY can be the way to winning your next new customer’s heart.

Is the next new social media thingy the answer to all your marketing dreams? Or the mobile advertising stuff that says it’s the next big thing. And how ’bout even a new business magazine that you see on the shelves for free at the grocery store? Maybe one of the 500 TV channels?

Nope. It’s reaching an audience over and over with something good to say. Something different. Something that doesn’t sound like an ad. And when that audience starts to help you increase sales. Cool! Then you add another audience…and keep growing. And it’s really easy to grab a big chunk of the population with a good-sized radio station.

Did I mention that I work for Results Radio? Yeah. We’ve got 8 pretty dang cool radio stations. Let’s find a few that you could start on. Let’s tell some big audiences about the wicked-awesome stuff that you can help them with. What problems can you solve for them? How can you make their lives better? They’d like to know. Just as long as you’re not ramming your hard core sales tactics down their throats. Win them over. Seduce them. Tell them a story that makes them actually REMEMBER you and start adoring you before they even pick up the phone or walk in your door.

I like helping businesses say things in their ads that make people raise their eyebrows a little bit. Or ads that make people stop thinking about the 12,852 different places they have to take their kids in the next week…and pay attention to what you have to say. Let me know when I can help you out, too.

Have a fun and prosperous day! Stop pulling your hair out.

Duane Christensen

Sioux Falls Radio Advertising blog

Results Radio team member since 1998