Can a weather sponsorship on the radio work?

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I have customers who advertise in many different ways. Most do 60-second or 30-second radio ads. And the rest are weather sponsors. So, what does that mean? Well, a weather sponsor’s ads start out like this, “This (station) weather break is brought to you by (business name)…” Then, there’s 12 more seconds of whatever we want to say to the public. I never propose a weather sponsor if it’s not a good fit. Or if it doesn’t have a chance to work.

If you’ve thought about doing radio, but you didn’t think you had the budget…being a weather sponsor may be an option for you. But it’s not for everyone.

A weather sponsorship can work for people who just need to start somewhere. Yes, you’re looking for the magic bullet to propel your business into stardom. But there isn’t one. You must be smart and patient. You’ll most likely be overpromised and underdelivered to by a lot of advertising companies. And you probably have the notion that you have to advertise everywhere…but that’s a recipe for failure. Trying to “reach” everyone is not a good strategy. You’ll fail. You’ll spend a lot of money and get little to nothing in return. You need to reach an audience over and over. You’re trying to convince people to buy from YOU instead of somewhere else. And you won’t do much convincing with only one or two ads sprinkled around here and there. You need to “douse” your audience. And starting on one or two radio stations with a weather sponsorship will “reach” a lot of people – enough people to be able to make a significant impact on the number of new customers you see.

I would not recommend a weather sponsorship to a car dealer – too many competitors advertising heavily. I wouldn’t recommend it to a furniture store – same reason. But if you’ve got a business that’s easily understandable, you’re a specialist, you don’t have tons of competitors advertising heavily, or you don’t have to convey complex ideas to the public, then a weather sponsorship could possibly be a great option for you.

A good weather sponsorship message has to stand out though. I’ve heard way too many that just list the business name, throw in some “for all your _____ needs” clichés, a phone number, and that’s it. THAT kind of weather ad will not work. Just like a good 30 or 60-second ad, we have to use words and phrases that get people’s attention and can help people remember you when they need you.

Is it right for you? Can we make it work? I’m not sure yet. I need to ask you some questions first. Just because you get a lot more ads for a smaller investment, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work. But maybe it’s the best possible use of your ad budget right now. Give me a call and let’s talk about it.

Heck, I’ve got some customers who ONLY do weather sponsorships. And when they grow…and their budget grows…they just add another radio station. It’s the perfect advertising solution for just the right business. Let’s see if you’re one of them.

Have a great day!

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