Radio Boogers

I was wondering what I could call BAD radio ads. Those ads that all sound the same. They yell at us, they’re full of clichés, and they’re either ignored by listeners or they annoy the hell out of us.

So, let’s call them RADIO BOOGERS!

If I try to listen to a radio station that’s filled with these sad excuses for advertisements, I feel like punching something. I get really irritated! Why? Because RADIO BOOGERS cost a lot of good local businesses a lot of money. And I’m not a fan of an honest business owner getting duped into something that has no chance of working.

But sometimes, the business owner insists on having ads that sound like every other boring, cliché, safe, and trite advertisement. I won’t let you do that. If you insist, I’ll tell you, “No.” I will not take your money if you insist on an ad message that has no chance of attracting new, profitable, and wonderful customers.

On the flip side of that…I will not recommend something TO you that doesn’t have the potential to work. I’m constantly working on building a reputation where my clients tell others, “This guy cares. This guy will not lead you astray.”

Radio can be one of the most powerful forms of local advertising when it’s done right. It’s not right for every type of business, but it is for many. They just don’t know it yet.

Just remember to always “Say no to radio boogers.”

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Sioux Falls Radio Advertising blog



One of the words you hear in the advertising world is “REACH”.

It’s important to “reach” people with your advertising. So, the big shiny thing for some business owners is when an advertising medium says they REACH (insert huge number here) people. But when you really think about “reach”…I mean really think about it…all that matters is if you “reach” them in a persuasive manner. I mean…are you moving people closer to doing business with you in your advertising? Are you engaging them in a conversation they can be a part of?

The TRUTH is that reach without engagement is not doing you any good.

The billboard that “reaches” tens of thousands of people every day doesn’t necessarily get noticed or make any sort of impact at all. Especially, when the message on that billboard is cliché, meaningless, and doesn’t provide any persuasive information. You better have 8 great words that combine to make a powerful statement.

The newspaper ad that “reaches” (insert their circulation number here) people doesn’t actually get seen by that many people. That’s the same as me saying that every single radio ad you air is heard every time it runs…by every single listener. And the newspaper ad that tries to “brand” your business with your business name and an un-engaging and un-persuasive slogan attached isn’t giving you what you think it’s giving you.

The online ad that comes up on someone’s page and is “viewed” doesn’t necessarily mean that you made any sort of impact. If they clicked on your ad and bought something immediately…then, yes, you can call that success. But how many times does that happen? When’s the last time you clicked on an online ad and immediately bought something?

No matter if it’s TV, magazines, Radio, bus benches, or whatever…REACH doesn’t matter all that much if the actual content of the ad isn’t making an impact. Is it getting people’s attention? Is it engaging them in a conversation? Is it persuasive? Is it teaching your prospect more about you so they can learn to trust you and contact you when they need what you offer next time?

THE WORDS used in your ads are more important than you know. They’re the MOST important part. So, when REACH is touted by an advertising medium…make sure that’s not their best selling point. They should be focusing mostly on what kind of MESSAGE will be communicated to your ideal future customer. If they fail to make the message the most important ingredient…move on until you find someone who does.

My newer clients are always surprised when they find out that I probably spend 50% or more of my time WRITING ads for all my clients. I have to. If I don’t put focus on the ad content, how would the ads ever work? How would they help attract new customers if I wasn’t constantly learning, researching, and writing better words?

Now…is there a perfect ad? No. There are too many possibilities for creativeness and other angles you can take. But it doesn’t mean I can’t try really hard to hit your customer’s biggest and brightest “emotional hot buttons”. And I DO make sure that all the ads I write will stick out and get the attention of your “target”. They’ll get the attention of your next new customer. And your radio ads will continually move people closer to doing business with you. Maybe your radio ad campaign benefits you best by bringing new people to see you…so you can dazzle them. Or maybe your radio ad campaign also reminds your current customers to shop with you more often. A good radio campaign can do great things for your bottom line.

Yes…radio can REACH a ton of people. But it doesn’t matter if those people never hear your ads.

I’ll make sure they hear them.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Sioux Falls Radio Advertising blog