For all your blankity blank needs…

Some business owners know that they need to say things in their ads that hold more “substance”. They know that they need to get people’s attention…and say something in their advertising that might “move the needle”. Say something in their ads that people actually care about.

And then there are others that could really improve their advertising immediately by eliminating the clichés and fluffiness in their ads.

For example…

“For all your ________ needs.”

“Turn your dreams into reality.”

“Second to none.”

“Knowledgeable staff”

“For all your ________ needs.”

Yes, that one was listed twice. I not only hear that way too often on the radio…but see it even MORE in print or on the side of service vans.

Increase your ad effectiveness immediately by REPLACING those clichés with something that will help people remember you. They will NOT remember “for all your ________ needs.”

Here’s a super quick video about it. Because you love video, right? Especially when it’s short and to the point. 🙂 Click here.  For All Your ____ Needs VIDEO

Have a groovy day!

Duane Christensen

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Mind Currency and Radio Advertising

Mind Currency, Sioux Falls Radio Advertising, radio adsWhen you open a checking account, your balance is at $0. Requesting to withdraw $1000 when you have a balance of $0 will get you a really funny look from the bank teller. You would LOVE to be able to withdraw some cash, but that’s not the way it works. You must first make a deposit. You must grow your balance.

Radio advertising works the same way. You’d love to start “withdrawing” new customers the same day you start running your ads. But that’s a tough road because you have no “mind currency” built up yet.

The best radio advertising talks to the heart of the listeners. Your ads should reach out to ALL the listeners. Most importantly, to those that don’t need you right now. Radio works best when you talk to those that don’t need you now – the ones that may need your product or service months from now.

When your ads give listeners a good feeling about your company and when trust grows…then you are building “mind currency”. Four, five, or six months into your radio campaign, when a listener is in the market for what you offer, who will they be most apt to buy from? – the business that has NOT gained their trust, spoke to their heart, and connected with them…or the business that HAS?

Win the listener’s heart and the mind will follow. Win the mind…and the wallet will follow. Your radio advertising should constantly build “mind currency”. Or as some would call it – brand equity within a prospect’s mind. Your radio ads are like bank deposits. In time, and with a good message and strategy, you’ll be able to cash in some of that mind currency. The longer your campaign airs and the more you connect with listeners, the more you’ll be the business they buy from and refer others to.

Do you ask a complete stranger off the street to help you move? To help you carry heavy furniture and appliances up and down steps for six hours? No way! Only a good friend who appreciates the relationship you both have built over the years will do that for you.

Build relationships with your radio ads! Earn trust. PROVE you are a friend to each radio listener…with only their best interest in mind. Then, and only then, can you build “mind currency”. Then, you’ll be able to ask for a “withdrawal” when someone needs your product or service. It’s how you gain market share. It’s how more and more people will come to do business with YOU…instead of your competition.

THAT is what radio can do best.

THAT is what you want – a consistent flow of new customers that already have begun to trust YOU over all others. Before they’ve even walked in your door, picked up the phone, or visited your website.

The CHEAPEST, cliché, safe, boring, and copycat radio ads will not do it. Hire the right radio company and radio representative (like yours truly!) who can lead you down the right path. They are writers, researchers, driven to make it work, and they ask a lot of questions. And if you have information about what your customers really want and care about…they love it if you share that with them.  🙂 Have a great day!

Here are two radio ads I’ve done recently. And they are each just one building block among many in their respective radio ad campaigns. And yes, they are building “mind currency”. Listen below…


For more help with local advertising performance, and advice concerning what you should actually SAY in your advertising to make it work better, consider my book, “Take a Bigger Slice”.

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Are you preparing for a Groundhog Day Sale?

Are you preparing for a Groundhog Day Sale?…

OR are you preparing and laying the groundwork for a fantastic YEAR?

Do you want to be the business that is always searching for a gimmick to draw a crowd? Or will you be one of the few that advertises in a manner that consistently attracts profitable new customers to that the end of the year can be labeled a huge success?

When you teach people why to do business with you…

When you connect with people emotionally…

When you make people feel GOOD about your company…

When you increase the public’s TRUST in you every time they’re exposed to one of your ads…

THEN you will cease to bang your head against the wall and find that your advertising can pay you back more than your wildest dreams.

And you say, “Ha! More than my wildest dreams?!” And then I say, “Your wildest dreams (in regards to advertising) is to probably find something once and for all that actually works!”

When you find the right things to SAY in your advertising, that is when it all falls into place. Let’s make it a great YEAR…not just a great Groundhog Day.

Have a rockin’ day!

Duane Christensen

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