Are you preparing for a Groundhog Day Sale?

Are you preparing for a Groundhog Day Sale?…

OR are you preparing and laying the groundwork for a fantastic YEAR?

Do you want to be the business that is always searching for a gimmick to draw a crowd? Or will you be one of the few that advertises in a manner that consistently attracts profitable new customers to that the end of the year can be labeled a huge success?

When you teach people why to do business with you…

When you connect with people emotionally…

When you make people feel GOOD about your company…

When you increase the public’s TRUST in you every time they’re exposed to one of your ads…

THEN you will cease to bang your head against the wall and find that your advertising can pay you back more than your wildest dreams.

And you say, “Ha! More than my wildest dreams?!” And then I say, “Your wildest dreams (in regards to advertising) is to probably find something once and for all that actually works!”

When you find the right things to SAY in your advertising, that is when it all falls into place. Let’s make it a great YEAR…not just a great Groundhog Day.

Have a rockin’ day!

Duane Christensen

Sioux Falls Radio Advertising blog


Team member at Results Radio Townsquare Media in Sioux Falls.

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