Non-Fat Advertising

What would you like your advertising to accomplish? What goal are you trying to reach?

Before you embark on a BIG ADVERTISING ADVENTURE, you should have a GOAL. “I just want to get my name out there” is not good enough. Maybe you’re at $500,000 in revenues and want to grow to 1.5 million in 24 months. That’s a goal. You should envision what that will look and feel like also. If you were doing 3x the business, can your current staff handle that? Are you set up for that?

Yes, there’s a bunch of things you need to consider…it’s not easy. But if you want your advertising to work to its full potential, you need to first HAVE a goal. You need to know exactly what you want your advertising to accomplish. Then, you’ll need to allot the proper ad budget to help get you there. It doesn’t happen…

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