Non-Fat Advertising

You’re a local business. Maybe you’re a plumber, dentist, jewelry store, restaurant, sporting goods store, or windshield chip fixer. You’re a business that relies on local customers picking up the phone or walking into your store.

Let’s talk about how to track your local advertising.

Do not obsess over TRACKING. Well…not the way you do it now anyway. Online, pay-per-click advertising gives you nice numbers which feeds your obsession with metrics. It’s not a healthy obsession. You LOVE to see stats and numbers so you know exactly whether or not your money is being spent wisely. But do those clicks or “impressions” tell you if that person actually did business with you? Online tracking is totally different from offline tracking. Especially, with any advertising that is of the “branding” nature.

For example, you don’t know exactly when a particular person heard your radio ad. And people can’t carry your radio…

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