Non-Fat Advertising

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just grow new customers? Buy a packet, then go home and plant the seeds?

Except, you’d be too impatient. Even if you were guaranteed these seeds would grow to maturity in 3 to 4 months with the proper care…it wouldn’t be fast enough for you. You’d plant them, water them, and fertilize the hell out of them…and in a couple of days you’d be cheek to ground seeing if there was a sprout coming yet. Then, you’d dig until you unearthed the whole seed wondering what was taking so friggin’ long.

You can’t expect ANY GOOD seed to pop up overnight. Not even your “customer seeds”. The best customers will come with the proper nurturing and time. And when they finally need you, they’ll be there.

Your marketing is the entire process. It’s the planting, the watering, the fertilizing, the weed pulling, and…

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