You Know All About You, but…

Why in the heck would you listen to an advertising guy like me about ways to advertise your business? After all… you know 100x more about your business than I do – even after I do some research!

Let me ask you this – who keeps you in business? Your customers, right? And they are just like me. They don’t know as much about your business as you do – so what you think may NOT be important to them, very well COULD be.

What usually happens in advertising is that you want to tell people all these “things” about your business. All of the things you think they want to know. Your products, your services, how long you’ve been in business, you are quality, your address, your phone number, your website, that you’re on Facebook, etc. But the honest to God truth is… they don’t really care about that.

Is that a tough one to swallow? It’s ok. It doesn’t mean that advertising can’t work. It just means you’re saying the WRONG THINGS to them in your advertising. This is where the power of sound comes in so handy…

A radio ad campaign allows you to start talking to a big group of people about things they CAN care about. They care about doing business with a company whom they feel really understands them. That you know the problems they’re facing. That you can be depended upon to deliver what their hard-earned money pays for.

So, the ads that really make a difference, are the ones that convey trust in a “Non-Ad” sort of way. It talks to them about how you’ve maybe helped someone else in the past. How you went the extra mile because that’s the kind of business you are. It’s not about who, what, when, and where. It’s about WHY. Why should they do business with you? Why should someone buy from YOU instead of one of your competitors who offers the same exact products or services?

Radio is great then, because inserting a story into your ad is so helpful. People love stories. And no other ad medium can deliver a better story-filled message than Radio. A good story is hard to ignore. We’re intrigued. Why want to hear the end of it.

What kind of stories about your business, your customers, or yourself would be of interest to people? That’s when a good advertising person on the outside can help. What YOU may not feel is important, I might tell you differently because I’m just like your potential new customers. We know we can get what you sell from many other places. So, tell your prospects things that will lean them closer to doing business with YOU instead of a competitor. Make them feel good about you. Help them connect with your business.

I’m a Radio marketing guy in Sioux Falls. And I can create an interesting, creative, and persuasive radio campaign for you that will move the needle. I can help your business tell people the things that they’ll care about. I’ll ask the questions that your prospects are wondering. I’ll ask the questions that you may not think are important – but they are. I’ll ask the questions that you didn’t think anyone cared about – but they do.

Advertising successfully is all about telling people things that THEY would like to hear… not what YOU would like to tell them. 

Duane Christensen

Sioux Falls Radio Advertising blog

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  1. Duane you are brilliant I am in total agreement with you on your ideas on advertising especially radio advertising. I use you and your thoughts a lot in my sales training


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