Non-Fat Advertising

It happens every day.  A colleague or acquaintance will say something like, “How’s it going, Bob?” as they pass by you.  (Or whatever your name is)

Here’s how they expect you to reply:

  • Pretty good
  • Can’t complain
  • Still kickin’!

But what if you said something like:

  • Best day of my life.
  • Groovy, baby!
  • It couldn’t be better even if I were twins.
  • Sunny and 75.

More memorable, right?  I bet they’d at least think about you longer than 1.7 seconds.

It’s the same way with any sales message or ad copy you write.  If you say something that’s expected, you can expect to be forgettable.  What’s the last thing in the world that I want to be?  Forgettable.  What’s the last thing in the world that I want my business clients to be?  Forgettable.  In order to be unforgettable, you’ve got to smack the heck out of what people expect.

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