Do You Love To Talk About Your Business?

One of the best things that can make your future radio ad campaign bust loose into high gear is if…


There’s nothing that busts through all the advertising clutter more than a business owner or local manager who loves to talk about their business.

So… if you love to talk about your business… then what would you need me for, right? Well, I’ll help you say things that your customers care about. I’m the person who helps you step outside your business for a few moments and helps you say things that will get your future customers’ attention. I’ll help you sound even more sincere than you already are.

That’s it. If you love to talk your business, you have a head start in giving your radio advertising in Sioux Falls some teeth. When it’s YOU on the radio, it’s personal. It’s sincere. It’s laying it out there allowing people to see you as a human being, not a business owner just trying to make a profit. They want to know you understand them and you care.

I have a nice handful of clients who voice their own ads. It’s fun getting to know them. It’s fun learning how they speak… and then writing to the way they speak. It feels so right when an ad is done and it sounds so good. I’m not satisfied until I hear the ad… and I know people will be moved by it. Moved closer to doing business with YOU.

Do you love to talk about your business?

Have a great day! Call me.  : )

Duane Christensen

Sioux Falls Radio Advertising blog

I work for Results Radio in Sioux Falls. I’ve been camping out and hammering away here since 1998. I love what I do.