You’re a Darn Good Business

You bet! You’re a darn good Sioux Falls business… and you take care of your customers! But you might also wish you could tell people about all those great things before they make the decision to buy from someone else.

Have you watched the singing show “The Voice”? It’s phenomenal. It kicks the living tar out of American Idol… and any other singing competition out there. In my opinion, it’s because of a few of things…

1) They pick the qualifiers based on their voice. Not their looks.

2) The coaches are sincere. They actually care about the singers. They connect with them. So, it seems very real.

3) And the stories that are told are inspiring. The best singers seem to come from some kind of adversity or some other fascinating stories. We love those. All people love a good story. We get caught up. We tear up. It’s emotional.

Which brings us to telling people about your business. Advertising. You consider “advertising” a bad word if you’ve never figured out how to do it right. Or if you haven’t found the right person to help you.

Your advertising needs to be more like “The Voice”. It’s real. It’s fairly raw. It shows the emotion. There are real connections being made. It moves audiences.

The advertising that you usually see is none of that. It’s usually fake, fluffy, and full of clichés and “safeness”. And a big, fat waste of money. We are emotional beings. That’s where great advertising can start. Arouse something in us. Make us wake up and smell the roses.

We want to connect. We want to “feel” something. We love naked TRUTH. When your advertising shares a message with the public that truly SHOWS who you are instead of just trying to tell people what you are… you can “move” audiences.

You’re a darn good business. And you take care of your customers. Don’t hide that behind something you “think” is advertising.

Duane Christensen

Sioux Falls Radio Advertising blog