Non-Fat Advertising

Social media and do-it-yourself online marketing stuff…

Your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter accounts can help if they’re used strategically.  But it doesn’t have to be difficult.  In my opinion, you use social media to build relationships… not to push your wares on people (it’s ok very very very occasionally – like if you’re rolling out a new product or discounting some old inventory).

When you mostly use social media to build relationships, the business will eventually come – if it’s meant to be. If you’re providing value to your fans, connections, and followers… then you’ll begin to form the relationships that can grow into paying customers. Or cause your current customers to like you more and shop with you more often.

Do you have to be on EVERY social media platform? Oh, my gosh, NO. There are too many. Just do one or two really well before you get too crazy…

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