Can 8 Words Make a Difference?

Can 8 words make a difference?

Ok… I’m a person who looks at all billboards because I’m a marketing guy and I’m curious to see how businesses are using them. I’m usually disappointed. Maybe not usually…I should say more like 95% of the time I’m disappointed.

Image courtesy of "phanlop88" /

Image courtesy of “phanlop88” /

What do you want your billboard to do?

Do you think you can make people do what you want them to do… in 8 words or less?

I’m just askin’.

I know it’s nice to see that big, pretty design up there…and your logo, but can it DO what you WANT it to do? When’s the last time a billboard really moved you? When’s the last time a business branded themselves with a billboard?

They have their uses, but branding isn’t one of them. And changing perceptions isn’t one either. It’s tough to do a lot with 8 words. So, you better think long and hard about those words. Even if your 8 words are good… will it make a difference? Will you cause people to act?

A big billboard, with a lot of traffic going by, doesn’t guarantee that it will work. You have a problem… and you’re looking for a solution. Just be honest with yourself – do you feel that 8 words, a logo, and snazzy graphics will be the solution? Maybe it will. I just want you to ask the tough questions before you invest in something.

I’m a fan of billboards and some other outdoor advertising when used correctly – when they’re used as a flash reminder of what you’re drilling into people’s heads with your radio campaign. Or if you have a greasy burger joint right off the interstate and you put a big billboard at the Exit saying, “Hungry for a big, juicy burger? Exit NOW!” See what I mean? There are men who will see that and say to themselves, “Damn right I am!”

Billboards have their strengths and their weaknesses. Same as Radio, TV, online, bus benches, print, mobile, etc. I can help you understand more about local advertising if you’re interested.

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