Can 8 Words Make a Difference?

Can 8 words make a difference?

Ok… I’m a person who looks at all billboards because I’m a marketing guy and I’m curious to see how businesses are using them. I’m usually disappointed. Maybe not usually…I should say more like 95% of the time I’m disappointed.

Image courtesy of "phanlop88" /

Image courtesy of “phanlop88” /

What do you want your billboard to do?

Do you think you can make people do what you want them to do… in 8 words or less?

I’m just askin’.

I know it’s nice to see that big, pretty design up there…and your logo, but can it DO what you WANT it to do? When’s the last time a billboard really moved you? When’s the last time a business branded themselves with a billboard?

They have their uses, but branding isn’t one of them. And changing perceptions isn’t one either. It’s tough to do a lot with 8 words. So, you better think long and hard about those words. Even if your 8 words are good… will it make a difference? Will you cause people to act?

A big billboard, with a lot of traffic going by, doesn’t guarantee that it will work. You have a problem… and you’re looking for a solution. Just be honest with yourself – do you feel that 8 words, a logo, and snazzy graphics will be the solution? Maybe it will. I just want you to ask the tough questions before you invest in something.

I’m a fan of billboards and some other outdoor advertising when used correctly – when they’re used as a flash reminder of what you’re drilling into people’s heads with your radio campaign. Or if you have a greasy burger joint right off the interstate and you put a big billboard at the Exit saying, “Hungry for a big, juicy burger? Exit NOW!” See what I mean? There are men who will see that and say to themselves, “Damn right I am!”

Billboards have their strengths and their weaknesses. Same as Radio, TV, online, bus benches, print, mobile, etc. I can help you understand more about local advertising if you’re interested.

Have a great day!

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Seth Godin said “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” I agree. I’ll help make radio less scary for you though…and something you’d wish you had done sooner.

Sioux Falls Radio Advertising for Business Growth

Are you preparing for a Groundhog Day Sale?…

OR are you preparing and laying the groundwork for a fantastic YEAR?

Do you want to be the business that is always searching for a gimmick to draw a crowd? Or will you be one of the few that advertises in a manner that consistently attracts profitable new customers to that the end of the year can be labeled a huge success?

When you teach people why to do business with you…

When you connect with people emotionally…

When you make people feel GOOD about your company…

When you increase the public’s TRUST in you every time they’re exposed to one of your ads…

THEN you will cease to bang your head against the wall and find that your advertising can pay you back more than your wildest dreams.

And you say, “Ha! More than my wildest dreams?!” And then I say…

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