Ad Writing / Copy Writing COBWEBS

Ever have trouble writing an ad? Or you’re not in the mood to “be creative”? It happens to everyone. But what are you going to do about it?

Non-Fat Advertising

You’re going to get frustrated at some point while writing an advertisement. (Ad writing, copywriting, whatever you want to call it.) Your eyebrows are scrunched up, the creases in your forehead get a quarter-inch deeper, and you feel like giving up, throwing up, or hurling your Worlds Messiest Desk coffee cup into the wall. It’s like cobwebs are clogging up your “creativity”, man! Ahhh!!!

What is creativity in regards to ad writing though?

Isn’t it just taking a life experience or some piece of knowledge or information…and then linking that to the point you’re trying to make in your ad? (You gotta have a point – what ONE thing are you trying to get across that will move someone closer to buying from you?)

Sometimes we run out of awesome life experiences, so we need to do some digging, research, etc.

There are tons of places out there on the…

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