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There are oodles of one-person shops and companies out there who offer Digital Advertising options in Sioux Falls. The thing you need to know is that there’s usually a “middle man” with these options. And you know what that means. You pay more. But that’s not all. You’re not always getting the whole story. You’re getting second-hand information passed along to you from someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

I have a better option for you.  

You can buy online display advertising at the best price and with experts who have been hired away from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These are experts who have been deep in the trenches. Major geeks. Online advertising superstars who can get you set up to reach the people on the Internet that you’re looking for. They’re good. Reeeal good.

Give me a call. I can gather the information I need, and then get back to you with a plan showing how many people you can expect to reach in a given month. Along with the cost to do that.

Online display advertising isn’t for everyone… but if you’re interested… I can help. We can talk about the pros and cons, the options you have, costs, your goals, etc.   

Is there a certain group of people online that you’re trying to reach with your advertising? Demographics, shopping behavior, geography, hobbies, income levels, specific locations, etc.? You can even target people who have shopped at your competitions’ stores. We can do that.  Or maybe you’re going for more of a broad reach?  There are online advertising options that are really easy to get figured out and set up. I’d love to help.  It shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to gather the information I need to get started on a plan.  

Of course, you need a good place to send people once they decide to click on your ad.  That’s where a good website comes in.  You want your website to give visitors more confidence in choosing you.  And it needs to be easy to navigate, help them find the answers they’re looking for, and be easy on the eyes.  Let me know if we need to work on a new website for you… or if you’re good to go with the one you have.

Sometimes, I might suggest a separate Landing Page to send people to once they click on one of your digital ads.  It’s something that I can build for you in no time.  It’s a good way to give them a specific place to be welcomed after they clicked on a specific piece of creative.  Or we can do multiple landing pages for different sets of ads that you may put out there.   

I’m here to make online display advertising easy for you… and give you better results. More online advertising bang for your buck.

And the results are monitored and pivoted if needed to push your ads to more of the places that are bringing the best results. Plus, everything is transparent, you can see your ad stats at any time with your own easy to read online dashboard. The wizard isn’t in the back room with the curtain drawn. You’ll know if it’s working or not.  And no contracts.  If it’s not performing like you think it should, you just stop or we make adjustments. 

Digital display advertising isn’t for every business.  Are you a service business or retail? How many competitors? Would you benefit from geo-fencing your ads to specific locations or even competitors’ stores? Sometimes digital display advertising isn’t the right fit… and there may be better ways to accomplish your marketing goals.  I’ll help you figure that out. Talk you through the pros and cons and what it will take to make a campaign work.

Whatever form of local advertising you’re considering or just looking to put together an overall marketing plan, let’s have a chat about all of it. At the very least, you might as well get a free second opinion on your overall marketing situation. I can come to you, or we can grab a cup of coffee.  

Contact me today at 9 Yards Marketing. Or read more about Digital Display Advertising HERE.

Duane Christensen

9 Yards Marketing


digital advertising sioux falls