Sample Radio Ads / Commercials / Spots

Here are a few sample radio ads / spots / commercials that I created for clients that are either on the air now…or have aired in the past. Most of them are part of an ongoing 12-month radio campaign.

GLASS DOCTOR – Sioux Falls (Award-winning, class act, good people!)


CHADLEY CRULL FINANCIAL (Great dude in Brandon!)


HEIRLOOM CREATIONS  (They’ve been on the radio with me for over a dozen years!)


SUMMIT CONTRACTING  (Next time I build a farm shed or a grain bin… they’re my guys!)



JUNA is amazing! And fun to work with, too!


And More…


You can check out SO MANY MORE … here at my SoundCloud account…

These are all local Sioux Falls (or surrounding area) businesses in which I highly recommend. I choose to work with good companies who treat their customers right.

I’m an “account executive”, sales rep, marketing guy, ad writer, strategist, marketing consultant, advertising representative, blah bla blah bla blah, etc. I’m not the typical “radio ad rep”. In each radio spot, there are strategic reasons why we’re saying the things we’re saying in the ads. It’s not “shoot from the hip” and see what we can pepper. There is a lot of research and thought that went into each radio spot and ad campaign.

Duane Christensen       605-940-7984

Results Radio Townsquare Media

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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