Sample Radio Ads / Commercials / Spots

Examples of Radio Commercials

Here are a few sample radio ads / spots / commercials that I created for clients that are either on the air now…or have aired in the past.

Most of them are part of an ongoing 12-month radio campaign.

TRI-STATE GARAGE DOOR (The best garage door company in the entire region! And great people!)

JUNA SLEEP SYSTEMS (Alisha and Justin had fun making this one)

ROTO-ROOTER (client of mine since 2004!)


GLASS DOCTOR – Sioux Falls (Award-winning, class act, good people!)

CHADLEY CRULL FINANCIAL (Great dude in Brandon!)


JUNA is amazing! And fun to work with, too!

And More Below…

Any Radio Ad Example is, of course, subjective. I actually had a brief conversation with a friend the other day about different styles of radio advertisements. I said, “I don’t think I like the new Juna ad.”  She said, “Not every ad has to be perfect.”

It got me thinking because of course there is no ‘perfection’. But there are all different kinds of people with different personalities and likes and dislikes. So, the Juna ad that I don’t like, is probably “perfect” for someone else.  I like more humor and creativity… and nothing too “dry” or corny or a terrible attempt at wit.  But some people are entertained and engaged by dry, corny, and semi-witty radio commercials. Others react more favorably to straight-forward, logical, and left-brained.

Can I ask you for a favor? If you “feel” something from any of the radio spots you listen to, let me know about it. I love feedback! Good or not-so-good. Thank you!

You can check out SO MANY MORE … here at my SoundCloud account…

These are all local Sioux Falls (or surrounding area) businesses in which I highly recommend. I choose to work with good companies who treat their customers right.

In each radio spot, there are strategic reasons why we’re saying the things we’re saying in the ads. It’s not “shoot from the hip” and see what we can pepper. There is a lot of research and thought that went into each radio spot and ad campaign.

My company is 9 Yards Marketing. Visit the website and see if you’re interested in working with me. I’m not a typical advertising agency. I don’t charge you just for placing media. I don’t charge you for every creative piece that needs to be done. I’ve been placing and creating advertising for over a decade. I know what works and what doesn’t. I usually work on a monthly retainer fee… which is determined by what you need and what your budget can handle.

Duane Christensen       605-940-7984

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Looking for other info like “How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on the Radio?”  You can search the menu or click the link below…

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Radio Advertising can work wonders for the right business.  Contact me today to start the conversation. I love to help good, local businesses succeed and get more from their marketing.

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