7 Radio Stations – Results Radio Townsquare Media – Sioux Falls

For advertising help… call or text me at 605-940-7984.

Email: duane.christensen@results-radio.com

We have 7 Sioux Falls radio stations which allow you to communicate with our large radio listening audiences. Radio advertising success comes from 3 things: The audience, the repetition, and the message. If you’re missing one, you could sabotage your potential for results. Take a look at the audience portion below (links to each of our Results Radio Townsquare Media websites)…

KMXC “The Mix” 97.3 FM radio station

KYBB “Classic Rock” and Bob & Tom morning show 102.7 FM radio station

KKLS “Hot” 104.7 FM radio station

KSOO “The Talk of Sioux Falls” AM 1000 radio station

KIKN “Kik’n Country” 100.5 FM radio station

KSOO-FM (ESPN Radio) 99.1 FM radio station

KXRB “Classic Country” AM 1140 and 100.1 FM radio station

Our radio stations also stream online. Listen from your computer, tablet, or phone (Radio Pup app).  Actually Hot 104.7 now has its own App (search Hot 104.7 in the App store).

There are plenty of radio stations in Sioux Falls to get a good mix of music, talk, and sports. I’m just happy I work for a company that realizes people like to hear real people as much as possible behind the microphone. Live on the air. Great on-air personalities make all the difference in the world in listenership… and I’m happy to have some of the best in the business on our team.

A radio station can’t be just a glorified jukebox or alternative to an ipod. They need to be part of the community. They need to be local. They need to entertain and keep us informed. Our crew does exactly that. And they do it very well.

Your return on investment starts with a good strategy and a good message. And when you put that on strong radio stations, good things happen. No… GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!

-Duane Christensen

Results Radio Townsquare Media

Marketing Strategist / Sales / Ad Writer

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