Let Them Get to Know Ya!

I’ve had advertising clients share with me that total strangers will come up to them in public and tell them that they love their ads. If your advertising ever does that, it’s bound to be making an impact. But do you HAVE to hear, “We love your ads”? No. Most people won’t comment on your advertising. In fact, most people don’t remember where they’ve seen or heard your advertising anyway. Asking your customers where they heard about you is a highly inaccurate measure of advertising effectiveness. What’s a good measure? Your cash register ringing more often. But I got off track…

The clients of mine that voice their own ads, often will hear comments from their customers. It’s because we try to say things that Wow or Shock the public a little bit. We aim to “stand out” (strategically), not “blend in”. A client of mine will read a script that I’ve written for them. They’ll either say, “I love it, let’s record it, I don’t like it…or they’ll want a few changes made. It’s part of the process. The better I get to know them and understand their customers, the easier it is for me to write better ads. Ads that get attention and bring more new customers to them.

There is an advantage to being your own spokesperson on the radio. IT LET’S THEM GET TO KNOW YA! It lets them know that you have thoughts and feelings just like theirs. It lets them know you’re human. Voicing your own ads speeds up the “connecting” process with radio listeners. And “connecting” is crucial. It’s what drives your advertising effectiveness.

So…what do my clients SAY in their ads? To be very vague, everything and anything. They tell personal stories, they make fun of themselves, and they tell stories that help people understand who they are and what they stand for. And when you do that…you CONNECT!

Voicing your own ads isn’t for everyone. That’s ok. It’s just one way to create an ad campaign. It’s a tactic. There are several different ways to create radio ads.

One thing I do know…is that when radio ads are created with the intent of not sounding too much like a radio ad…it works! But the second you start “blending in” and saying things that your prospects don’t give a hoot about, your ads won’t work.

No matter who voices your ads…and no matter WHERE you advertise, the most important element is what you SAY in your advertising. It’s not the station that will make much of a difference, it’s not “drive times”…it’s what is being SAID in your ads. Always put the majority of your focus into your advertising message. THAT is what will make your advertising give you the return on investment you’re looking for…and then some.

Is Radio Advertising Like TV Advertising?

She asked, “Is radio advertising kind of like TV advertising?”…

I said, yeah, except you can afford to buy more ads on radio, radio production is free, and it’s pretty tough to reach a solid number of people consistently with TV.

She said, “Sure, radio production is free, but is radio production really that good?”  I said, it IS at Results Radio. And you have to make sure you change your ads up at least every 6 weeks. You see the same local TV spots airing for 12 months or more because average TV production costs too much for the small business.  BUT “production” isn’t the most important ingredient in successful advertising.

She said, “It’s how many people you reach, isn’t it?”  I said, No.  Because does it really matter if I reach a lot of people, when I have nothing good to say?  The most important ingredient is a combination of a couple things.  #1:  What you SAY in the ads… AND  #2:  The overall strategy (how will you position yourself in the minds of the public).

She asked, “So, you’re confident that you can help me grow my business?”

I am. If you have the inside of your business running pretty smoothly, I can help. All advertising does is speed up what was likely to happen anyway. If you’re already creating happy customers, good advertising will help you create more of them. If you’re creating unhappy customers, advertising will bring more people to you and your unhappy customers will increase along with bad word of mouth. So, make sure you’re churning out happy customers that will come back to you when they need you…then you can be confident that good advertising will get you to your goal.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Results Radio Townsquare Media – Sioux Falls


My work website: http://duanechristensen.townsquareinteractive.com/ (And if you’d like a business website like this, or nothing like this, give me a shout. I’ll point you in the right direction)

And if you have questions about the cost of radio advertising, which radio stations would be a good fit, or how to get started attracting more customers, don’t be afraid to ask. I like to help good businesses take a bigger slice of the market.