The “local” part of Radio

Why local radio advertising can work so well.  And will continue to…

I asked the finance guy at Papik Motors in Luverne a while back if he thought Radio was going to be extinct in 10 or 20 years.

He said, “No way! There will always be a big group of people who want to hear their local stuff.”

Which is how I feel as well.

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Chad McKenzie

A lot of people listen to local radio. Satellite and online radio account for a very small percentage. Actually, AM/FM radio is listened to about 4 and half times MORE than online radio.  There are many reasons why people love local radio. Here are MY reasons….

  • To keep up on new songs that are heard on the radio first.
  • Local news and different perspectives of local news.
  • Witty commentary on local sports and local sports issues.

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  • It’s easily accessible to me. When I hop in my car…it’s ON. When I’m at home on the weekends and want a “mood lifter”…I just push a button.
  • Variety. I have an iPod. I have access to iTunes on my phone. I listen to Pandora once in a while. But the radio plays music that I haven’t heard in a while…but still like a lot. Songs that I’ve forgotten about. Plus all the new stuff, too. Unless you’re one of those weirdos who ONLY listens to 80s music. Ewwwwwww.  I kid. But not really.   : )
Radio Advertising

Ben & Patty

So, anyway, if you’re wondering whether people still listen, the answer is Yes. And they will for a very long time. As long as radio station owners adapt and invest and understand that a LIVE and LOCAL, entertaining DJ is a powerful thing (like mine at Townsquare Media do!), then Local Radio will continue to keep its listeners.

Sorry that I didn’t add pics of all of our live and local radio talent. But you can find them and other station info HERE.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

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When I Need To Change It Up

My choices for “auditory entertainment” are Radio and my iPod. Not one or the other. I listen to the Radio more often because I like the local people. And to hear new music. I don’t spend hours on my computer looking for new music on my iPod. I like to hear what’s new or fairly new, and I get that from the Radio – then if I like a new song, I’ll put it on my iPod.

Chad McKenzie – KSOO AM 1140

I love music, but when I want to CHANGE IT UP…I tune into talk radio. One of my favorites is Chad McKenzie in the morning on KSOO AM 1140. He’s light-hearted, fun, and a heck of a nice guy, too.

His show makes me smile.

As far as advertising goes, I feel KSOO is one of the best places to be. Talk radio listeners are “active” listeners. You don’t have to air quite as many ads as you do on a music station to make an impact.

If you’d like to talk to a fairly big audience, I always recommend KSOO as one of my top choices. Some people only want to advertise on music stations…but I don’t get that. People are people. Let’s just make sure we say things in your ads that make them want to buy from YOU instead of one of your competitors.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

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