Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Here’s the debut video of my “on the front steps” series.┬áTalking today about not leaving money on the table with your past customers.

Core customer mailings and e-newsletters are great reminders for your past customers to come back and buy again. Maybe you have a new product or two… or an additional service that you didn’t offer before.

Mailings and e-newsletters to your past customers is a cheap way to stay in touch with those that were hopefully delighted with your service in the past. Good business is about building solid relationships – so don’t forget to do that with all your communications with customers. Don’t hard sell them every time you talk – be a friend. Be a trusted resource.

Advertising and marketing in Sioux Falls doesn’t have to be frustrating. If you’d like to attract a consistent flow of new customers, let’s sit down and talk about what a good radio advertising campaign could do for you. Have a great day!

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