Is Buying Radio Advertising Like Buying A Car?

Flat tire of old car image courtesy of "Toa 55" /

Flat tire of old car image courtesy of “Toa 55” /

When you buy a car…you don’t ever have a question whether it will work or not. And if you have doubts, you can test drive it. But I still think most people take more time in buying a vehicle than buying radio advertising. And with still much of the radio advertising I hear…there’s no way those ads are working. But you still buy radio ads without a glimmer of hope? And this isn’t just RADIO advertising, it’s ALL local advertising. A lot of the local, small business advertising is pretty nasty.

If you needed a good vehicle to get you from point A to B…you wouldn’t buy one that didn’t have an engine in it, would you? Then, why buy advertising that doesn’t have an “engine”?

Have you purchased so much local advertising that hasn’t worked, you’ve completely given up hope of finding some that does? You don’t have to keep throwing money at the next shiny, new advertising or marketing gimmick, praying that something sticks. I know I’ve written this hundreds of times – it’s not WHERE you advertise, it’s what MESSAGE you’re spreading within your advertising.

Don’t spend another penny until you’ve nailed down what kinds of things you can say in your advertising that people actually care about and will pay attention to.

Think of how fast everything online is changing. Think of all the social media things you could be doing. Should you DO all of them? Nooooo!!!! Pick a couple, and do those WELL. Don’t move on to the next “big thing” just because it’s new. You never figured out how to do the last thing right, why switch tracks and start the process over again? I’ve seen it in radio advertising too. Someone switches radio stations all of the time because they believe THAT is what will bring results – a better audience. They’re all people. You just haven’t found anything worth a darn to say to all the people. (let’s figure that out)

There’s a formula in advertising that works. But if you don’t put the lion’s share of your effort into your advertising strategy and message, that formula dies.

Wouldn’t it be awful if buying a car was like buying advertising? You wouldn’t ever be sure if it could even drive off the lot, let alone get you home. I’ll make it easier on you. I’ll help you be confident in a plan before you’re ever asked to write a check. I don’t study how to sell something one time. I study how to make your advertising work – and keep working. And working. And working.

After you and I talk, I feel that you’ll take a big breath of relief. “Ahhhhh.” And then say, “Finally. I think we’re on to something.” (instead of having to look up to the heavens asking for your advertising to work this time).

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

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Who hears your ads?

My wife teaches at Lincoln High School.  Her students recently asked her what I do.  She explained and mentioned some of the businesses I write for.  She said she was shocked at how many students had heard them and remembered specific ads.

So, here’s the cool part.  Those businesses she mentioned, don’t advertise on the “younger” station, Hot 104.7.  And that helps me prove a point.  Radio reaches a lot of people you don’t even think are listening.

But those ads don’t get heard if they are just typical radio ads.  The radio ads that get heard and that impact people are the ones that break the rules.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re airing :15, :30, or 60-second ads.  You can still put a message out there that gets more attention than the average.

Our brains listen to ads that are UNpredictable.  They ignore the ads that are anticipated.

How did those high school students hear ads that only air on adult stations?  I’m not exactly sure.  Radio listenership is also unpredictable.  The scientific types would like to think that radio station demographics are absolute and predictable.  But they’re not.  The massive power of radio lies in finding the right message to communicate to the public.  Once you find the right thing to say, you’ll be surprised at who becomes your customer.

Over-targeting has hurt a lot of business owners in their quest for the perfect advertising formula.  What they should be focusing on is what they can SAY to radio listeners that will move them closer to doing business with them.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

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Some dude named Tim Miles

Tim Miles visited Results Radio the other day from Missouri.

Who the heck is Tim Miles and why would you care?

Tim Miles is another example of the ongoing training we receive here.  Training to learn more about helping local businesses attract great new customers.  Tim shed some new light on many topics.  His presentation style was unpredictable and filled with dramatic pauses…just like a good radio ad.  He was surprised at how ADVANCED we are at Results (his words, not mine).

But how does that help a good local business owner like you?  I would sum it up like this –

Advanced radio and copywriting skills…produces advanced advertising results.

Helping you grow and reach your goals with cost-effective radio advertising is my passion.  It makes you feel good when that is accomplished, and it makes me feel pretty freakin’ groovy as well!

Tim Miles is a Wizard of Ads partner.  He shared with us an “equation” that I was also exposed to years ago in Austin, Texas, at the Wizard of Ads Academy.  I know.  Funny name for a school.  But the name says it all (they’re not kidding about being wizards of ads).  Some might call this equation a formula…except it’s not a formula.  Roy Williams calls it a “statement of relationship”.  Here’s Roy Williams’ “Advertising Performance Equation”

Share of Voice x IQ = Share of Mind

Share of Mind x PEF = Share of Market

Share of Market x MPo = Sales Volume

So…   SoV x IQ x PEF x MPo = Sales Volume


SoV = Share of Voice

IQ = Impact Quotient

PEF = Personal Experience Factor

MPo = Market Potential

Phew!  That’s a mouthful. I know what all of this means and how it can help you in your business journeys.  Let’s have coffee some day.  🙂

Duane Christensen

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Thank you Tim Miles.  You rocked the house and I would highly recommend that any radio group around the country should hire you and then buckle up and listen closely.  And thank you Roy Williams (the Wizard of Ads).  Both Tim and Roy are partially responsible for lighting my brain on fire and helping me realize my passion.