My GIFs and Why I Use Them #4

Here is Round #4 of the GIFs I use in emails once in a while to get my point across a little more effectively or just to give someone a laugh. ūüôā

Just use this GIF instead of typing, “Wow, that’s awesome!” And who doesn’t love Tommy Boy? ‚úĒ

Who gags better than Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber?! And you’ll come across at least one reason to send a “gag GIF” over the next few days. Like the addition of 5 new Zoom meetings this week, or a new technology we have to learn because it will make our work lives “easier”. Ha.

And this is when someone requests some task or project from me… and I’m going to get it done PRONTO… and happy to do it!

Nick Cage. Long hair. 5 o’clock shadow. White tank. And a WINK. This is usually a “You’re Welcome” GIF to guys that are cool enough for it. ūüėé

Have a fresh Spring day! ūüĆ∑

Duane Christensen

Marketing Dude in Sioux Falls, SD

9 Yards Marketing

My GIFs and Why I Use Them #3

Here is Round #3 of the GIFs I use in emails once in a while to get my point across a little more effectively or just to give someone a laugh. ūüôā

Spongebob happy pants is maybe for someone who might not be “on the same page” as me in the “what’s funny” department. Keepin’ it simple and fun.

But then… let’s just follow it up with a little Spongebob snarky pants for those who will appreciate it. A sense of humor is a must for your recipient. Thick skin. I usually send this in reply to a mass email from a coworker (with a sense of humor) who lets people know they’ll be out of the office the next few days. ūüėā OR maybe include it in a reply to your boss after she sends you another email of no value whatsoever.

Alright… enough with the cartoons. This one just gets a laugh every time. When you’ve had it with dumbasses. Harsh, right? Or not harsh enough? ūüėČ I just can’t. Nope. Not doing it. See you on the dark side. I’m done.

This is when I need to let some dude know that I’m not playing around. Or am I? I’d really just like them to ponder on that for a bit. And you can’t ever go wrong with an Inigo Montoya quote from The Princess Bride.

Have a groovy day! ‚ėģ

Duane Christensen

Marketing Dude in Sioux Falls, SD

My GIFs and Why I Use Them #2

Here is Round #2 of the GIFs I use in emails once in a while to get my point across a little more effectively or just to give someone a laugh. ūüôā

This here can be taken 2 ways. I sincerely applaud you… or I’m being a smartass and you’ll know it when I’m using it in this manner. ūüôā

The next two are essential. They are “Giddyup” GIFs. The Kramer giddyup is for when a more aggressive giddyup is needed. You’ll see what I mean here…

This particular giddyup almost has a feminine feel to it. Subtle. More of a congratulatory giddyup. Like… yeah… we’re awesome…

Whoops… I was almost going to slip a “Ken Jeong from the Hangover when they’re in the desert” GIF in here. We’ll skip that one and keep this post PG-13. But that one is perfect for old buddies / good friends who have a sense of humor.

I like the old Star Wars. And the characters. Especially Han Solo. Cuz he’s cool as shit. And hilarious. Or am I talking about Indiana Jones? Doesn’t matter. This Han Solo slide is for when I amaze the crap out of someone and do something that most people can’t do. It happens a lot. Or at least it does in my brain. ūüėČ

That’s all for today. Kisses. ‚̧

Duane Christensen

Marketing Dude in Sioux Falls, SD

We Need Some Normalcy

All I’m sharing with you today are some of my GIFs that I put into select emails to friends, coworkers, and clients when I want to emphasize a particular emotion. These are just some of my faves that I’ve collected over the years. ūüôā This is an attempt to lighten the mood and give you something normal / not normal.

For when I’m a little frustrated, or want to call BS on something…

And I like Arnold.

When I know I’m about to make something really big or exciting happen. When I’m jumping in to take care of business…

I appreciate Blake’s “getrdone” attitude and humor.

There are times I email a client telling them I have an idea, but it’s not quite fully baked yet. So, I tell them I’m still researching, writing, and thinking, but to stay tuned…

Zach G!

Ah, crazy eyes. This is for when a group of you just witnessed or were emailed something that is verging on “off the rocker” or maybe some nervous tension…

Good for a few other applications as well.

That’s all for today. This is the first installment of a 4 or 5-part series. MORE TOMORROW. I have a slug of useful GIFs to share that can be included in some of your future emails.

Of course, you need to know when it’s appropriate and when it’s not. But we’re all professionals and can figure that out. Yes. That’s right. I trust you. Isn’t it nice to be trusted? Whole other issue. Sorry. Have a great day!!! ūüôā

Duane Christensen

9 Yards Marketing

Radio Advertising Ridiculousness

Roy Williams recently wrote a Monday Morning Memo that said…

“To¬†accomplish the miraculous

you must attempt the ridiculous.

Before you attempt the ridiculous

radio ads

This image is only to remind you forgetful people that Valentine’s is in a few days. You at least should get a card. Better yet, write one yourself.
Image courtesy of “Stuart Miles” /

you must announce it to the world.

If you don’t have the courage to announce it,
you must at least whisper it in the dark.
Because it must be spoken.
You’ve got to hear yourself say it.
And then you’ve got to take action.

Are you sufficiently ridiculous to do this?”

This was taken directly from his memo. ¬†Click here to read the whole thing. ¬†I forwarded that memo on to a few people whom I know are just a little bit crazy and just a little bit genius. ¬†And I told them that I admired them for that… and I that hope to be those things some day.

There is no way in hell that I will ever make a real difference to anyone if I decide to “play it safe” every time and not be a little bit crazy. ¬†Whether I’m writing a blog or writing a radio ad, I better not ever sell out. ¬†I better not ever be someone who I’m not. ¬†I’ve made it this far and have become somewhat successful because I tend to move to the beat of a different drum. ¬†And that’s OK, right? ¬†If it’s not. ¬†I’ll move along.

Did you hear what Sam Smith said at the Grammys last night?  He said,

“Before I made this record I was doing everything to try and get my music heard. I tried to lose weight and I was making awful music. It was only until I started to be myself that the music started to flow and people started to listen.”

Did you catch that?  Only when he started to be himself

And it’s a good thing that the Brits only care about “the voice”… unlike America where all the singers have to be pretty. ¬†No, Sam Smith is not a super model. ¬†He’s a great singer. ¬†He’s a human being. ¬†And he figured out that all he had to do was be himself.

Why is this post called¬†Radio Advertising Ridiculousness? ¬†Well, it started out about Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo called Are You Sufficiently Ridiculous. ¬†But it turned into a bit of ridiculousness from me. ¬†I guess if I’m not being different (in a pretty big way) from the other 200 advertising “executives” or salespeople in my town, I’m not going to be happy. ¬†I’m not going to be as successful as I want to be.

I think I hold back.

I think I care what people think too much.

On the other hand, I’m not a complete “follower”. ¬†And I think that scares people in power. ¬†I think that makes them nervous. ¬†And for what? ¬†Life is too frickin’ short ain’t it?

So, when you want advertising that is going to be different enough from the other 5000 advertising messages being HURLED¬†at people EVERY SINGLE DAY… to actually make an impact… then I’d like to sit down and chat with you.¬†

Would you like to forge ahead of your competition? ¬†Would you like to be the pioneer who isn’t afraid to get the attention needed to grow your business? ¬†Hey… me too.

Radio advertising doesn’t have to be ridiculous… you just need your radio ad writer to be!

Duane Christensen


(Head pencil sharpener at Results Radio Townsquare Media)

New Discovery! Thinner, Sexier, Smarter in just 40 Days. Naturally!

Radio Advertising in Sioux Falls

Image courtesy of “stockimages” /

Did I make you look? ¬†Did I make you wonder, “What the schnizzit?”

Your radio ad needs a good headline. ¬†If you don’t give it one…nobody will hear the rest of the ad. ¬†But to the novice radio ad copy writer, or to the advertiser, you¬†want to start your radio ad like this…

“ABC Horseshoeing has been in business since 1870. ¬†They can handle all of your horseshoeing needs…”

I’m not saying the title of my blog post is a great headline, but it’s to make a point. ¬†The headline is about YOU. ¬†It’s telling YOU how YOU could possibly benefit. ¬†It’s not about a company or a product.

Because you don’t know any better, you’ll feel like you have to put your business name up front and center. ¬†After all… you’re paying for the advertising… why wouldn’t you put your business name right at the beginning and then another 19 times throughout the ad! ¬†But wait. ¬†Stop. ¬†Don’t do it. ¬†Why?

What does a radio listener (or any consumer for that matter) truly care about? ¬†Do they care about you, the business owner? ¬†Do they care that you want to make more money? ¬†Ummm, no. ¬†They couldn’t care less. ¬†They have other shit to worry about. ¬†They have a life. ¬†And they’re trying to get ahead. ¬†They’re worried about surviving and thriving. ¬†They’re definitely not worried about you and your business.

Not to be harsh… but it’s the truth. ¬†And by understanding the TRUTH and understanding a little bit about why people do the things they do, you’ll be able to start advertising to your prospects in a much more effective manner.

So, start your radio ad headline with a statement or a question that engages the radio listener. ¬†Say something about THEM. ¬†Say something that doesn’t automatically alert their brain to the fact that they’re listening to a radio ad. ¬†You should be informing people about things they didn’t know about. ¬†Teach them something. ¬†Make them go, “Hmmm, I didn’t know that.” ¬†Now, you’re setting yourself up as a potential “expert” in their minds.

You should also be entertaining a radio listener. ¬†They’re listening to the radio for entertainment. ¬†So, if you want to keep them engaged, then you better add some drama, humor, fun, etc. into your radio commercial. ¬†Another great way to entertain is by storytelling. ¬†We all love stories. ¬†As long as it’s actually interesting and it doesn’t feel like you’re force-feeding us a story. ¬†It needs to be relevant.

Whatever your headline, story, or humor in your radio ad… it better be guiding a listener all the way through the ad to a defining “aha” moment at the end. ¬†Which is where the advertiser finally becomes the star or the hero. ¬†You’re a problem solver. ¬†So, bring up a problem… and then be the solution. ¬†A better solution than your competition.

Another great way to critique your radio ad is to ask “So what?” to yourself after every line you read. ¬†Is it a valuable phrase? ¬†Or is it a clich√© piece of garbage that will give the radio listener’s brain permission to stop listening to the ad you’re paying for?

Before you even consider mentioning your business name in your radio ad… you need to provide VALUE first. ¬†To make your radio advertising more effective, you must prove to the listener that they could possibly benefit by listening to your ad. ¬†Or entertain them while you weave your way unpredictably towards the defining “hero” moment where YOUR BUSINESS is the one who can either improve someone’s life or solve a problem for them.

To improve your lackluster advertising:

It’s NOT¬†about who can shout the loudest. ¬†

It’s the opposite.

It’s who can SEDUCE¬†and PERSUADE…¬†the deepest. ¬†

And that all starts with a headline that is NOT about the advertiser.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen