Crankin’ on all Cylinders

Good radio advertising helps businesses “crank on all cylinders”.

“Crankin’ on all cylinders” is just a phrase that a client of mine used recently. It was nice to hear. Actually gave me a nice boost that day. This business has made mistakes in the past and learned from them. They’ve taken chances and done things out of the ordinary that their competition would be afraid to implement. They’re proactive in standing out and doing things differently. They’re smart with their investments. They think things through…and then act. It’s so fun to write a radio campaign for a business like that!

But good radio advertising can’t fix a business that doesn’t have everything right on the inside yet.

Bad character: For some reason I give a lot of people the benefit of the doubt. But then I run into a business owner or a salesperson with too much “shady” inside of them. It’ll catch up with them fast.

Employees with no direction: You can’t have employees that just “do their job”. They need to be part of your big goal. They need to be on board with you on delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Not in business for the right reason: You have to be in business to help people. Yes, you need to make a profit, but profits come faster and easier when you help people and they love you for it.

You may try to patch holes in your sales inconsistencies by throwing good money at advertising…but you have to right the ship within before you can expect advertising to do you any good. For example, I have one client spending a little bit on advertising with me. We’re in the process of talking about repairing some things within his business. I’m recommending he puts his ads on hold for a few months until he can deliver a better customer experience. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Let’s get more cylinders crankin’ inside the business before we try to attract more customers. Because wouldn’t you want those new customers to tell other people about how nice, fair, helpful, honest, and genuine you are…instead of the opposite?

Now…if you’re all set…let’s work together to make your 2013 and the next 5 years better than you thought was possible.

Duane Christensen

Passionate about helping businesses grow. 

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Would you rather not see…or not hear?

I’m going to ask you one “would you rather” question.  Would you rather not see…or not hear?  That’s a tough one.  My first instinct is to say not hear.  But how could we really know which would be worse without actually experiencing blindness or deafness?

Hellen Keller noted that it was much more difficult to be without hearing than without sight.  And that helps me segue into my radio advertising message to you today.

Radio advertisers know that radio gives life to their message to the public.  Those businesses that rely solely on print ads or online advertising (sight only), don’t understand yet what good radio can do for them.  And I’m going to leave TV advertising out of this comparison because most small businesses don’t have a big enough budget to implement a truly effective TV campaign.  Of course you can with Cable TV, but cable TV stations hit such a small number of people, you usually need to be on 10 or 20 different cable stations to make an impact.  Usually.  Of course there are exceptions.

Whoa…I got off track.  Let’s get back to sight versus sound and how it affects your advertising.  I think a print ad makes a business owner feel good because it’s something they can hold in their hand.  They can hold it up and say, “This is my advertisement!”  That’s not so easy to do with the sound waves of a radio ad.

A good radio ad is not a print ad read into a microphone.  A good radio ad will talk to your potential customers about them.  It’s a voice talking directly to them and it connects the benefits of what you offer to their own lives.  It paints them a picture with voiced words about how you can help them improve their life or eliminate a problem they have.  A radio ad is a print ad brought to life.  A GOOD radio ad is nothing like a print ad. You could call it a print ad on steroids if you want.  But the spoken word is so much more powerful than the word in print.

A good radio ad should make people feel good about your business.  And when that happens…you’re buying “mental real estate”.  And owning some mental real estate is the start of branding.  And branding is important because you can’t predict when your prospect will need what you offer.

Here’s a quick explanation of what branding is: If advertising is “getting your name out there”…then branding is simply “attaching something to your name”.  And attaching something that matters to your prospect…to your business name…is a potent element in truly effective advertising.  We can get more into branding some other time.  I’ll share with you a few deeper things that will help shed light on why “Branding” kicks “Advertising’s” butt.

A good radio campaign will get your prospect to remember you when they need you…and then you’re 2 or 3 steps ahead of your competition that’s just trying to “get their name out there”.

So…Hellen Keller wished she could have had the gift of hearing back before the gift of sight.  That tells us something about how our minds work…and the kind of advertising that is superior to others.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

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