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So, we saw the Eagles in Vegas. Wow.

What a great show. Well…everything except for most of Joe Walsh’s stuff. I just don’t get the “love” that so many give that guy. If you ask me, he’s rather annoying. But I could have listened to the sweet harmonies of the rest of the band all night long.

The first half of the History of the Eagles show was amazing. It started out with Don and Glen sitting in chairs with their guitars. They proceeded to tell stories in-between songs about how the band started, how they came up with some of the songs, the Desperado album, and so much more. They were a great pair of seasoned storytellers. I wish the whole show would have been like that. You could have heard a pin drop when those guys were looking back and reminiscing about the old days. We were hanging on every word they spoke.

Which brings me to your advertising. If you’re not sharing some stories in your radio ads…then you’re missing out on what could be. People don’t like to be advertised to. Well, not the way that we usually do – forcing all the wonderful things about a business down people’s throats. Gag. But when you tell an engaging story, you can sidestep the BS meter in all of us and get people to listen. You can get them to understand that you’re not like the others.

Tell a story! Share something interesting with all of us. What? You say you’re not that interesting? I disagree. Feed us some new information in story form, and we’ll listen. We will! Everyone loves a good story! But if say “Phooey!” and you opt for just giving laundry lists of dreadful features of your business, you’ll soon be jaded and say, “Radio advertising doesn’t work!” Well, I would know exactly why you said that…and would then love to prove you wrong. Actually, I have quite a few radio clients who would love to tell you about what happens when you do radio right and when you decide to share a good story. 

Tell me a story about helping someone out of a tough jam. Or about how you decided to go into this wacky business of yours. I bet a lot of people would find your stories interesting.

You don’t know what kind of story to tell? It might not come to you right away. You may need some people to brainstorm with you. You may need me to stop by and get the conversation started. I’d love to do that with you. OR… you could sit down with a guitar and pretend to be Don or Glen.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen (radio ad writing guy / sales & marketing)

Results Radio Townsquare Media – Sioux Falls



Polished Radio

There are a lot of good radio voices that can make a bad script “sound” like a good ad.  They buff it and polish it.  But what’s the saying… “You can’t polish a……”

The polished ad sounds good.  It sounds like a great radio spot.  But if it doesn’t move the meter for your business, what good is a polished ad?  So what does a non-effective, polished ad consist of?  It’s usually filled with:


Lots and lots of clichés.  Like

“Your ____ headquarters”

“For all your _____ needs”

“Quality is job one”


Predictability gives our brains permission to ignore things.  Don’t you want your ads to get attention…and keep it?

No new information

People love to learn new things.  They’d also love to know WHY they should do business with you instead of your competition.  So share some good reasons to visit you.  Something they didn’t know.

Empty words

Empty words are words that don’t mean anything anymore (in the advertising world).  Like BEST, SERVICE, and QUALITY.

Yes, I know you ARE some of those words, but they don’t mean anything to a listener.  Internally, you have to PROVE that you are what you say you are.  And in your advertising, you have to SHOW them how you are those things.  If you believe you have better customer service than your competition, then tell listeners a specific true story about how you delivered excellent customer service.  Paint them a picture that they can believe.

Listen a little closer to your polished advertising.  Make sure you’re not saying the same un-meaningful things that your competition is saying.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Results Radio Townsquare Media – Sioux Falls


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