Are you an OPTION in the consumer’s buying choices?

Smart marketing makes you an OPTION for consumers to potentially purchase your product or service.

Is there a benefit to being an option…versus NOT being an option?

Duh, right?

YOU are part of your business. You live and breathe it. You are submersed in it every day. Because of that, you may have the impression that:

  • Everyone knows about you
  • Many people will consider you as an option
  • Shoppers will remember you when they need you
  • People get a good feeling when someone mentions the name of your business

Most of those bullet points are NOT TRUE for most businesses that fail to implement a smart, consistent advertising campaign. How often are you reminding people about the ways that you can help them? Are you educating them about how YOU are a great OPTION for them when their need arises? When you make yourself a popular option to consumers, you will get more traffic, more phone calls, more web hits, etc. And then all you have to do is WOW them with you or your staff’s expertise and above average customer service.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Results Radio Townsquare Media

Sioux Falls, SD