Websites to Check Out

sioux falls websitesHere are some friends’ websites that could be a big help to you… 

AND this is a newer page, so if you don’t see your website, but you KNOW that you should, give me a shout.  : )

Need a kick butt business video?  Something seriously cool that helps you stand out from the crowd? Try my talented pal, Jason. He’s one creative videographer!

Starhaven Films

How about water damage and restoration or fire damage restoration? Here’s a cleaning company that does it all… and they do it well. Disaster cleanup, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, mold removal, and more.

Mustang Disaster Cleanup

Carpet Cleaning. We know there are a lot of carpet cleaners in the Sioux Falls area. But how about one with more positive reviews than you can shake a stick at? And your carpet will be dry in less than 2 hours!

Ultimate Carpet Cleaning

My Dad’s a farmer, so I really understand this business here. For grain bins, farm sheds, cattle and hog sheds, etc., these guys are the bomb. They just plain get after it and get it done.

Summit Contracting

Garage doors, garage openers, and garage service and repair. Residential and Commercial.  Look no further than the hardest working, nicest people in the area.  I’ve been working with them for years… and I’ve had them out to my home for service on my existing doors. The service guys have always been nice, competent, and fast.  Great people and family!

Tri-State Garage Door

Is your bed broken down and not doing your back or hips any favors? Get your new mattress from Justin at Juna Sleep Systems. He’s literally a “Mattress Nerd”. His beds are built in his in-store factory, and they’re built better and with better memory foams than the most expensive ones you could find. But he charges about a third of the price of those pricey brands. And a Juna bed lasts longer. Could be the last mattress you ever have to buy. Ask them how that is possible!?

JUNA Sleep Systems

Air conditioning on the fritz? Plumbing troubles? Try out Copper Cottage. They’re a crew who gives you easy options on A/C and Furnace systems. Including an option that gives you a lifetime warranty! They’re focused on providing fast, fair, and excellent service. Copper Cottage is the residential division of Midwestern Mechanical.

Copper Cottage (heating, plumbing, and A/C)

Papik makesPapik Motors is a top-notch auto dealership. New, Used, and Certified.  Throughout the years I have worked with them, it’s apparent that their main focus is on customer care. They want to stand out from the competition by making sure their customers are being treated right and get the best deal they can. If you’ve never talked to anyone from Papik Motors about your next new vehicle or your trade-in, I highly recommend them. What a great group of people and family.

Papik Motors

Need printing? Graphic design? New logo? Signage? Trade-show materials? Other marketing materials like brochures and wall signage? How about color copies? How about blueprints or 10,000 black and white copies?  I’ve been working with Paul from AlphaGraphics for a dozen years plus. Results Radio also uses them periodically for special printing projects. They’ll treat ya right!


Blinds?  Then, you need Budget Blinds.  Can you hear their little jingle?  I’ve had kids sing it to me word for word.      “The best name brands are what you’ll find… and you pay less at… Budget Blinds.”  ♪ ♬   Here’s the website below… but make sure you visit their showroom and talk to them about what you need for window blinds. They can handle anything you’re looking for.  And get you the best pricing available on those products and brands.

Budget Blinds

Glass, glass, and more glass.  Auto glass, replacement glass for your home’s windows, business window glass, and more.  Here’s another jingle that you’ll recognize…

  “Call the Glass Doctor, we’ll fix your panes… oh yeah!”  ♪

Actually, Glass Doctor even made me a chair mat for my office.  It’s tempered glass.  I’ve had it for at least 5 years.  I put pictures and my daughter’s artwork under it.  I can even write on it with erasable markers to leave myself little notes.  So cool.  Most of my co-workers are jealous.  Instead of getting the plastic ones that need to be replaced after a year or so… this baby is cool… will last a heck of a long time… and virtually indestructible.

And don’t forget they have the Windshield Breakage Guarantee!

Glass Doctor

A good auto body repair experience at Marv’s Body Shop… is no accident.  (see what I did there?)  : )   Great group of people and family!  And an impeccable reputation!  I didn’t plan this… but this is the 3rd client in a row that has a jingle.  Oh, you’ve heard it.    “You’ve had a wreck. Your car’s been crashed. Where do we take it the officer asks. Marv’s Body Shop. Marv’s Body Shop.”  ♪

Marv’s Body Shop

Need family chiropractic care? Look no further.  Dr. Ashley Pfaff specializes in infant, toddler, child, and pregnancy chiropractic.  And what used to be Pfaff Chiropractic is now Dr. Ashley Family Chiropractic.  All her adorable little patients call her Dr. Ashely anyway.  : )  She’s a sweetheart.  I highly recommend!

Dr. Ashley in front of new logo

Dr. Ashley Family Chiropractic

Banking. You shouldn’t feel like one out of thousands. Like one in a big herd waiting to walk through the cattle chute. RELIABANK gives you all the banking tools, technology, and support you need… while remaining friendly, local, and helpful like the hometown bank you wish you had.


Drain clog problem?  Please.  Not when you call the drain clog experts at Roto-Rooter. And they not only tackle the little ones in your home.  They also do city drains, any agricultural lines that are , big sewer drains, and anything commercial.  Plus water-jetting, excavating, video camera inspection of sewer lines, septic tank pumping, and more. I’ve worked with them for 13+ years.  They know what they’re doing.


If you or someone you know has any depression or anxiety issues, I recommend a great place. Sioux Falls Psychological Services.  They handle a variety of mental health issues.  Plus marriage counseling, child counseling, PTHD, and more.  Check out the website for more info.  Dr. Doug and the crew have you covered for any of your counseling or mental troubles that need some extra insight and guidance.

Sioux Falls Psychological Services

Infrared Sauna. Try it. You’ll feel something “cool” and energizing. There is a lot of research on the health benefits of infrared sauna. Check out the website to learn all about it.  My wife and I have done it, and I’m a fan!

3 Degrees – Infrared Light Therapy

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