What Does Radio Advertising Cost in Sioux Falls?

How Much Does Radio Advertising Cost in Sioux Falls? 

Well, it can vary. It depends on:

  • The size and popularity of the station
  • Whether you opt for an all day schedule or scrunched time frames like morning shows only
  • Is it a one-time buy? Or a long-term radio schedule?
  • Length of Radio Commercial (usually 30 seconds or 60 seconds)

And some will tell you that the time of year matters because radio spot inventory (supply and demand) fluctuates. I worked in the radio sales and marketing world for 16 years. I’ll get you the best rates and put together the most efficient plan for your situation.

So, what’s a rate per spot average? I’m going to give you a ballpark here. But again, there are many factors. The low side would be around $18 per spot. The high side would maybe be $60 per spot.

However you ask the question… “how much does radio advertising cost in Sioux Falls” or “how much are your rates” or “I’m looking for Sioux Falls radio station ad rates”. Well, radio rates don’t mean a lot when you don’t know anything about the campaign you’re going to get or how deep the radio station is into people’s brains in this area.

With me, I provide a solution to your problem. Giving radio advertising rates to you isn’t going to solve the problem you’re trying to fix. I need to understand your marketing situation first. I don’t ask you to buy a radio plan until I know that it has an extremely high chance of working. Which means we need to figure out what we to say in your ads in order to make them perform.

I’d rather get it right the first time, so you get great results, and you keep advertising with me. When you’re happy, I’m happy. And that just adds two more happy people to the world population creating a ripple of happiness and good will! Right? : )

Anyway…the first question to ask might NOT be “how much does radio advertising cost in Sioux Falls“… it should be “How can you help me make my advertising actually work?”

I’d love to help you out with every part of it. I’m not happy until you’re happy. But I also want you to understand the basics of what makes advertising work… and not work.

Check out my 9 Yards Marketing “radio advertising” web page to learn a bit more. And I can help with much more than just radio advertising.

Give me a shout. I’d love to sit down with you and get this right. Thanks! Have a great day!

Duane Christensen  



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When you work with me, it’s all out on the table. No games or gimmicks. Let’s just figure out how to get you from where you are to where you want to be. I’m in the business of making your advertising work.

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Here’s a “for no reason”, random photo of my daughter in the tractor when we were helpin’ Grandpa on the farm. See the pillow? She rides in comfort.
Have a great day! Call if you’d like to discuss your Sioux Falls advertising and marketing options. Thanks!

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